Sunday 15 November 2015

Oma's Blues: The last block is released!

This month its time to finish the quilt: complete any borders which need to be assembled and add any embellishments before preparing the quilt for quilting.

This is where I'm up to, quilt wise. I'm about halfway through quilting Oma and can't wait to share the finished quilt with you when I finally get to that stage.

I really hope as you finish your quilt, that you’ll stay in touch and let us all enjoy your progress as we share in each others work; I can’t wait to see images from those of you working away at home as well as from those of you who are getting together and sewing in groups.

Yes, there'll be another BOM starting in January - several actually. I'm adding more pieced quilts to my listing and even digging out some modern designs, so stay tuned :)


  1. Miracle has become wonderfully this Quilt, the colours and patterns everything look nice so really. Felicitation to the completion.
    Best regards Uta

  2. Esther, it is a very beautiful OMA,s quilt. I only made the middle part, but as born in DELFT I love it.

    Many greetings and all the best, Jacqueline.

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  4. It's a beauty Esther looking forward to finishing mine in new year.

  5. It's a beautifulquilt.. I look forward to next year.


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