Monday 23 November 2015

Nelke, a little bird told me..

Oooh I love unexpected progress...
Here's my Nelke bird. What a sweet little thing it is, I never tire of birds in quilt designs. And I'm really loving the background fabric I picked up as a remnant from AQM last weekend. It's a perfect fit for this quilt. 

And this is the back. I'm using Polyfuse which means that I don't have to remove it. It will simply disintegrate when washed. I don't know that I will ever wash this quilt, as it's a wall hanging. The good thing about Polyfuse is that it isn't too 'thick' or study so even when in place, it looks natural. 

Finished Size 51 x 51 inches
This pattern was released for free for 1 month to my Yahoo BOM Members. 
It can now be purchased from my online shop for $9.95 USD


  1. I so love your birdie. Great fabrics as well Esther.

  2. Your work is always amazing. Such talent. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh-h so lovely. I too adore birds. You're making great use of Di's fabrics. Just wonderful.

  4. and the fabric made the eye! I may be inspired to start yet another project! now stop that


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