Sunday 22 November 2015

Nelke Progress

I wasn't sure if I would get Nelke done this year, but it looks like I will. With my sewing machine dramas, I had to put my quilting aside and then I got the flu and now that I'm back to quilting I'm stretched over 4 projects I started during my 'lull' and now with them all needing attention at the same time, I've decided to just do whatever I want -so rather than worry about 'getting things done' I just work on what I feel like on any particular day. Tough life for a quilter, eh?
With so many projects on the go, I have to number my pieces just like I recommend every one else does. Even though it's my own pattern, I lose track just as easily as everyone else! Preparation can be boring sometimes, but make no mistake, it's crucial.
This range is still growing on me. I was a bit stuck about the background, but since I picked up a few metres at AQM last weekend, there's been no stopping my progress. Sometimes a little thing like finding the right background can make everything else fall into place. 
You've seen my vase by now. When I designed Nelke, I had planned on using the main feature fabric from the range, but now I can't imagine using anything other than this one. I think it's perfect. Of course this means I have to design another quilt to use up the other feature fabric because I really do love it and want to see it out to use in one of my quilts. 
 Stems completed. 


  1. It will be fine, Esther! Thank you for your processes!

  2. This looks enchanting, Your attention to detail is inspiring. In one of your previous blogs you mentioned enhancing your applique using crayons or ink. Is that a process you'll be adding to this project as well? And if so, will you be sharing that technique in this blog? I'd love to see how that is done, never heard of it before. I'm intrigued. Thanks

    1. Yes Susan I will, I think it's a beautiful technique. You can read more about it here if you're interested, however in 2016 I will start covering textile techniques here so stay tuned :)

  3. The details in your vase are gorgeous!

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  5. Esther, I have started this quilt - just fell in love with it. Can you tell me if your leaves go under the stems or along side the stems. It is hard to tell from the pattern and photos on your blog. Thanks!


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