Thursday 12 November 2015

Meet Our Sponsor: Sew Brite Craft Tables

Sew Brite provides quilters with quality USA made cutting tables that can be arranged to make the most of your floor space and maximize your creative time. Where's my stash? Good question! With a Sew Brite modular table, all I need for each project could be right at hand - talk about furniture made with quilter's in mind!
I'm always re-imaging my creative space (at the moment I'm working from my living room for the beautiful natural light....and maybe the extra space too!). A quilter can never have too much room, but the reality is that many of us have to 'limit' our process to a room or studio. Now, there's furniture custom made for out needs that respects the space we need whilst providing us with real, useful options. Here are my own favorite options from the Sew Brite catalog:

I'm very fond of this idea because it's how I work. I like to move 'around' my main table and work at different items at each 'turn'. With so much storage right at hand, my days of table stacking fabrics would be over and with that extra table space I might even be able to run 2 projects at the same. A table made for WIPs? It looks like it!
This would be my first choice as a design table. I need so many 'tools' when I'm designing my patterns, I would love to have them all collected in a neat row of drawers as is offered here. The right tubs are ideal for fabric stashing which means I could keep my new fabrics close at hand for inspirational drafting! I couldn't have designed this better myself, it's just about perfect. 
My last must have is this drawer station. I have so many drafts and WIPs, I would love to set my projects into their own 'compartments', it would clear three quarters of my 'creative mess' at once. 
The Sew Brite catalog offers quilters real options for organizing their space whilst being useful, resourceful and responsibly made in the USA.

As quilters, we all have purchasing power collectively to support products and brands that respect us and our creativity through quality resources custom made for our needs. I feel strongly that its time to move away from cheaply produced 'made in China' resources and return to well thought out, planned and made furniture and tools.

I'm proud to introduce Sew Brite as a Sponsor of this blog and hope you'll  browse their catalog when considering your next quilting /crafting furniture purchase. 
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