Friday 6 November 2015

Beautiful HB Wishes

Thanks for all your Birthday Wishes everyone, I had a beautiful day at home with my family and it was exactly what I wanted. I only joined Facebook a few months ago and was surprised to find hellos over there as well as over in my BOM Group and even Google decided to wish me a HB (below). A few years ago, this would have really puzzled me, but I think I've become more blase about how intrusive technology is becoming in our lives. Sure, it's just a cute note but it does make me wonder about how technology is becoming or trying to become more 'humanized' by creeping into our life events. 
What do you think? Is Google being nice? Or weirdly intrusive by reminding me that they know everything about me? There were plenty of flowers because I love them and I'm at that age where I have everything and no one knows what to buy me and I don't even know myself. I used to just ask for a new fancy cup/s each year, but now I have a cupboard full of those and couldn't think of anything else to ask for!
I always take hundreds of photos of my bouquets because I use them in my designs. Here I am sneaking in to pull out a rose - I usually pull out any extraordinary flowers and make new 'bunches' to study them and in this bunch a lovely rose caught my eye. But I resisted pulling it out just yet, I decided that I would leave all the flowers alone on my actual birthday, but it was tempting...
In my mind, white lilies are funeral flowers so I'm always surprised when they appear in bouquets. They're very popular here and are pretty much in everything which I still think is so strange given how much variety and colour is out in the natural world. Perhaps I'm just being old fashioned. I love all flowers so it didn't lessen my enjoyment, it just gave me a start to wake up to a kitchen full of white flowers!

I was going to bake a cake but didn't get around to it. In the last few years my family have stopped purchasing cakes from the shops because they always look so pretty but somehow all taste like cold slabs of margarine. We're all in a cake slump! 

I sent my DH out to pick up some cannoli's from a local bakery which are usually so good, but they must have used old oil because they tasted like they'd been fried in sausages! This has just confirmed my determination to pull out my old box of Bundt tins and start making family birthdays cakes myself all over again. I really thought I was over all that, but quality seems to have dropped everywhere so I think I'll have to get back into the swing of things.


  1. Better late than never :-) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Esther!

  2. Happy Birthday, the flowers are beautiful. I am so glad you had a wonderful day.

  3. I always enjoy home baked cakes the most - as you say the store bought/bakery cakes do not taste right to me - I think if you grew up with homemade you are never satisfied with the taste of anything else. They just make them different. The flowers are pretty - surprised they are mostly all white though - I love splashes of color which it sounds like you thought they missed.

  4. Happy birthday. Hope you had a lovely day. Lovely flowers. Enjoy.

  5. Happy belated birthday--sounds like it was lovely, except maybe for the birthday wishes from Google. Today is my birthday and I am happy to report that Google apparently missed it ;-)

  6. Hi Esther not sure how I missed this blog but I did, the flowers look so so beautiful and that rose you were tempted to pull is so old fashion and beautiful. One can not have to many flowers in the house or garden.



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