Tuesday 24 November 2015

Nelke Zig Zags

I'm up to making Nelke's zig zags. I think the fabric from the range slots in perfectly, it's all so complimentary, it takes the matching issues out for me. I think from now on I might try to select 'ranges' and restrict myself in this way when making up my designs. I really do spend so much time ummming and ahhhing over fabric choices, that restricting myself has been a welcome change. And so much faster too. I never though I'd think that restricting my creative range could be a good thing, but it definitely is in the case of fabrics. 
Since Love Entwined, I have a renewed enthusiasm for zig zags, I'm using them everywhere. In fact, before LE, I don't think I'd ever designed a quilt with zig zags, you can see they've really grown on me!
I'm using Polyfuse for everything at the moment, it's such an easy solution for me and cuts down on my prep time. Polyfuse is what you can see backing my fabric. I won't remove it. It just stays put until you wash your quilt (if you do) and it's not too stiff to work with or quilt over in the interim. I really like using it right now. I go through stages. There was a time when I was in love with the freezer paper method, but I've moved on to fusibles since then. Sometimes I wish I'd move on to raw edge applique for speed reasons and sometimes I think I will, but I never do. There's just something about turn edge applique that I find so satisfying. 

Finished Size 51 x 51 inches
This pattern was released for free for 1 month to my Yahoo BOM Members. 
It can now be purchased from my online shop for $9.95 USD


  1. It's coming along so nicely! Do you know if there is or will be a source for Polyfuse in the USA? Thanks

  2. I'm using the Polyfuse I bought from you for the first time - on my Glad Tidings table runner. I see you're using the glue stick instead of the starch you were using with the Floriani. Do you soak your top after it's assembled to remove the glue? If so - for how long, and in what - warm water? I Know this is a beginner's question, but I would hate to ruin it! Thanks for the help --


  3. I love to see those picture where you are creating another beautiful quilt!


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