Wednesday 22 March 2017

WOW: A Lovely Beesting

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
When is a bee sting lovely? When it's a cake slice .. delicious :)

Today I'm in a Springtime kind of mood. I've just finished the pattern for my free Easter Project which will be released on Friday, (be sure to come back and download this lovely project, it's a real gem) and now I'm preparing a plate to take to my end of term sewing class. I've been volunteer teaching a group of young ladies to sew (general sewing, not quilting) and it's been great fun. Today, we're finishing up after a successful 10 weeks of sewing essentials and it's a perfect excuse for some slices, pastries and biscuits during morning tea.

As you can see, I'm cheating. I didn't actually bake this bee sting slice, I bought it - along with some other lovely morsels to make up a 'plate' to take in with me. I'm afraid that I am mostly beyond baking sweet things. I just can't be bothered and shop bought tastes and looks so much better. I probably shouldn't admit that, but it's true. Nowadays, my DDs bake all the celebration cakes in our household and they are much better than shop bought in those instances. But when it comes to slices and morning teas, I have no knack for homemade cupcakes, macaroons or things with custard and cream.

My talents are better spent with fabric creations. And speaking of fabric creations, I can't wait to share the 2017 Easter Project with you. See you on Friday!

What's Your WOW?


  1. Dear Esther. We love your creations! Ages years ago, I asked the kids to decorate a cake as we were all busy. They did a fantastic job and since then, they get to do it. We would never have known that had a talent for it, had we not delegated the task. Life is full of surprises!

  2. G'day Esther,
    I think I would have much preferred YOUR bee-sting to the ones I got last week!
    Looking forward to seeing your latest Easter project. Cheers Wendy


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