Saturday 4 March 2017

Secret Garden: My Dreamy Part 1 Block

Here is my first finished Secret Garden block!
The blooms look a bit flat in this image, so here's a close up of the bloom head details:
 It was tough deciding, but I just decided to go with the whole water colour dreamy flow
 Here's the laborious boring part of the whole block - all the tracing, ironing and arranging..
 And here are all the lovely block details
I really struggled with the pinks. To be completely honest, I don't love the pinks in the Jardin Gris range - don't get me wrong, I do 'like' them, I just feel that they don't work with the other fabrics as well as they should. One the one hand, they aren't soft enough, and yet they aren't dark enough either. They're kind of stuck in the wrong tone. Obviously color is subjective but I would have made the pinks in the pallette much softer than they are.
 Still, let's admire these blues. I think the range really got the blue tones just right
Here is my blue bow. It's almost a homage to Love Entwined's double bow border, but much softer.. as if it were billowing in a warm garden breeze..

 Do you see my key?
There'll be a hidden surprise in each vase for the next 4 months
It is a mystery after all!

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 


Welcome to this wonderful new Mystery BOM 

This very special applique Mystery BOM has launched!

Will you join me on this adventure?
The journey starts February 1st, 2017
The BOM runs for 12 months
The pattern will be emailed to you directly each month
The finished quilt size is 80 x 80 inches


  1. Such a lovely first Block, i love the colors, i love the fabric.
    Greetings, Martina

  2. OK, after seeing your's and Jenny's blocks, I had to buy in. And I haven't even finished my deserts yet. ;-)

  3. Esther, it's beautiful! What brand of thread are you using? I've never used a monofilament thread before.


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