Saturday 25 March 2017

Easter Blessings: Using Release Paper

It's time to put my Easter Blessings applique top together and for this, I'm using Vliesofix fusible webbing. To create my motifs from all the cut out applique shapes, I used a 'release' matt which is the brown semi transparent sheet you can see on top of my constructed pattern sheet throughout these images. At this stage of creating the motifs, I already have all my fabric pieces numbered, cut out and backed with the webbing. Then, just before creating each motif, I peel off the webbing and place each shape onto its position corresponding with the pattern.

I start with the centre, layering from the background up
in between placing each piece into position, I quickly and gently apply heat from my iron
it's important not to over iron and / or overheat the applique during these stages
Next up I iron the side furls down because the following piece will overlap it
This is because you put the background pieces down first
and work 'forwards' in this way until you add the last 'topper most' piece
Having the pattern beneath my release matt allows me to keep to the pattern 
and make sure my shapes are accurate
like so
and again on the other side
Once all down, allow to cool completely.
I'm not adding the tulip stamen and seeds on this sheet, 
I will do that on my actual quilt background to save me double handling
Once cool, gently peel the motif off the release matt
It's important not to force this step or to peel when warm or you might warp the fabric
It should be completely cool and come away easily when you roll the release matt between your fingers
It's been a while since I used Vliesofix instead of turn edge applique and I forgot how messy it gets!
I like the look of raw edge on this mini quilt so I'm very happy with the result
Be sure to come back tomorrow when I show you my quilt background and applique top..


  1. Helpful technique! Thank you! Is your release mat made of silicon?

  2. can't wait to see the progression on this project. I love the pattern. What do you have covering your iron?

  3. Thank you Esther! Your patterns are beautiful and your tutorials are very informative. Thank you for your generosity.

  4. Thank you for sharing how and what products you are using.


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