Wednesday 29 March 2017

WOW: 5790 .. and growing

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
My BOM Quilt Group is an online quilting community that's just over a year old -and today we have 5,790 members. What an achievement! The stats show that the majority of downloads still happen right here on my blog so I wanted to share this wonderful information with those of you who read my blog but haven't joined the Group yet. I know many of you won't cross over and join us because the Group is on Facebook - and I completely respect that. It's why I make my patterns available right here on the blog as well as in the Group - so no one need miss out. But I wanted to say hello because I know you're reading this and are downloading my patterns but are not connected with the daily ongoing chat and friendship happening over in the Group itself. You're still an important part of our 'community' and I'm always interested to know (and see!) what pattern of mine you're making and how you're getting on. So please keep in touch via comments or emails. Some of you do take the time to email me your pics and I love that, so thank you.

I never thought that my quilting would have so much of the good stuff focused online, so that aspect of connecting with others has been a pleasant surprise! I hope that one day the technology will catch up with our requirement and I'll be able to host all the features of a Facebook Group on a private website, but until that happens (and I am always looking), Facebook will have to do.

Most thanks of course belong to our Moderators. Our Group is private and moderated - it keeps out the Facebook riff raff that post nonsense and allows us to focus on all the good stuff. Many thanks to you: Anne Marieke, Glenda, Bunny, Pat and Eleanor (and not forgetting Jane who will always be a part of our Moderating team in spirit for everything she did before she moved on) for all the friendship, resilience, love and devotion you volunteer in sharing your time, knowledge and blocking / deleting know-how with us.

As for me, I'm currently drafting up another pattern. It looks like 2017 is my year to release all those patterns that have been gathering dust in my folio for the last 10 and get them out into the world. More on that later..

What's Your WOW?


  1. Dear Esther

    What I love about the group, it is not messy. I am not on Facebook, glad that for those of us who read your blog, can access the patterns right here. I joined the group when it was on Yahoo. Seeing everyone's progress is always so inspirational and it is a great motivator to move many projects along and get them finished! Diamond Hill has me working and loving every moment of it. So "Thank You"!

  2. Esther, I found your blog right before you created the Facebook group. I am now enjoying both. I love the FB group for all the sharing and comraderie. Such inspiring photos of your patterns and sharing of ideas. I also love reading your blog from my Bloglovin feed, and for some reason, unexplainable, it is easier to get the patterns from your blog. A big thank you for for your talent, generosity and inspiration. Also thanks to the FB monitors, they are doing a fantastic job.

  3. What a great achievement, Esther! Well done you (and thank you!) for motivating so many thousands of us to get involved in your wonderful patterns!

  4. That is great about your online.....and I just love your applique...gotta start coming by more often.

  5. How sweet of you to mention me, Esther! But then you are one of the most generous and lovely people I know. Although I am no longer on Facebook, I shall keep following your blog of course!

  6. Congratulations Esther, that's a great big number indeed.
    I'm not part of your applique group, but I do love reading your blog and seeing what other followers achieve.
    Your work is amazing and you have a very dedicated group of followers who love what you do.


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