Friday 3 March 2017

Secret Garden Weave Vase

I know how interesting it is to see how everyone else makes the part of each block, so here's how I made my basket for Secret Garden Part 1. The first thing is, I really lovve this golden beige colour but I didn't like the direction of the print pattern, it looked a bit flat. So I cut it on a diagonal to change the print direction. It's a small change but it made a nice difference as far as my own eyes are concerned. And I will just add that I had enough fabric to do it with. Don't go fussy cutting or making diagonal cutting choices with the fabric allowance listed in the pattern - you always need extra for these options. 
It's a tiny change, but it works for me

Normally I would have traced my 'weave' stripes from the pattern as pattern pieces to go ahead and applique using the fusible method. But, as I cut on the diagonal, I simply made strips instead

It's time consuming, but I really do take my own advice and number all the shape pieces and indicate their grain with arrows. Then I trace these shapes onto fusible, cut them out and stick them in envelopes in batches until I'm ready to iron them down onto fabric. 
I glue my pieces into position constantly checking against the pattern 
making sure my applique motif doesn't 'grow'
 Before gluing, I pin and check and then double check
 Looking good
 Now I add my vase backing
 Like this
 And there it is
 Ready for the florals and foliage now!

 “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 


Welcome to this wonderful new Mystery BOM 

This very special applique Mystery BOM has launched!

Will you join me on this adventure?
The journey starts February 1st, 2017
The BOM runs for 12 months
The pattern will be emailed to you directly each month
The finished quilt size is 80 x 80 inches


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