Friday 10 March 2017

My New Pattern HEXIT is Launched!

Straight off my cutting table, HEXIT is launched!

This is where I pop the imaginary champagne and kick my feet up in celebration - my long lost pattern has been found and I'm over the moon about it. Can you tell?!

18 months ago I had a serious hankering for a hexagon quilt and it just had to be all repetitive hexagons. It had to be pieced and had to be perfectly scrappy. I wanted an easy ongoing pattern that I could keep returning to, knowing that eventually I would end up with a stunning hexagon quilt to be proud of. So I made a hexagon of three simple centered diamonds with purposely mis-matched lines and turned the hexagon diagonally. The result?
A pattern that can go double duty - any size you want, any style you want. Too easy! The diamond centers allow you to use a 'base' colour if you want to, or make way for fussy cutting or even decorative quilting later on. Luckily my actual quilting skills are far superior to my digital drawing skills (above) but you get the idea of how this stunner comes together. The design is an effective way to play up either the scrappy fabrics or the central contrast fabric any way you like. As soon as I found my HEXIT pattern, I couldn't resist getting stuck in straight away making it - and I bet you won't be able to either!
Yep, hex's are addictive. What is so satisfying about this pattern? Oh I don't know, I just know that the simplicity and sheer satisfaction of the diagonal hex is something really special. Will I be able to exit the HEXIT and get back to my other quilt WIPS?? Hmmmm.. I really can't say!

I have an entire shelf of layer cakes and guess what? HEXIT loves layer cakes so I have a feeling that I might just go ahead and make an enormous HEXIT for all those times when I think a huge quilt would really come in handy. Surely I'm not the only quilter who has those thoughts during the holidays??

Anyway, back to layer cakes -
I feel so good about finally using these fabrics for something that's going to get so much practical use. And also, the pre -assortment of prints means that I don't have to think and rethink about fabric combinations, and if you know me - you'll know what a relief that is!
I've opted for red as my base colour because I love the way this specific shade instantly warms up my living room. But you didn't think I'd stop at just one did you? I'm also planning on making up another HEXIT with a bag of civil war scraps contrasted with a rich deep gold that will create an instant 'antique' style quilt. And yes, I've already started my Fassett scraps bag - and I don't have to tell you how gorgeous that HEXIT is going to be!

And for those of you who don't want to foundation piece? No worries! HEXIT is perfect for hand piecing. I've included all the templates you need to make this pattern a slow, go along project for hand stitchers. So, not only can you stash bust all those scraps quickly and easily on your machine, you can also join the slow quilting movement with a perfectly charming hexagon stitch along.

Of course, a pattern like this is bound to have a long list of has a long term list of fabric uses, and I've already planned on this pattern serving as my 'fabric eater' for those scraps I love too much to part with. This means that there will be a vintage Liberty HEXIT somewhere on the horizon. What I love about HEXIT is that you really can make it from scraps and I have Liberty fabric scraps leftover from dresses I made for my DD back in the 80's which I couldn't bear to part with. Now? Solution!
So what are YOU waiting for? 
Go ahead and foundation piece your heart out!


  1. Hi Esther!
    What a creative quilt!! Love this one! I think I'll give it a try!
    Take care,

  2. Does the pattern include instructions on sewing that Y seam? I love the design, but that seam looks a bit intimidating.... :)

    1. I am not sure if it includes directions for a Y seam but there are alot of tutorials online for that. Just google it. They are not as bad as you anticipate just mark where you should start and stop your seam line at the points, and do it. Actually, they are probably already marked on the paper, so just start and stop at those points; do not sew past them, and it will be perfect! Good Luck and happy quilting!


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