Thursday 2 March 2017

Fabrics for my Secret Garden

Part 1 of Secret Garden feels like such an important start. For one thing, the fabrics I opt for now will set the tone of the entire quilt. 

This has been a challenge for me. I decided to do away with all the fabric indecision that was bound to happen for each block every month and thought I had achieved this by purchasing all my fabrics from one range - Jardin Gris by Robyn Pandolph. And in a way, it has helped me commit and knuckle down. But in another way, I'm finding it really hard to stay within such a soft and gentle pallette. 
There's nothing wrong with soft and gentle but I must admit I have wobbled and thought about changing my entire scheme since my fabric package arrived. My compromise? Having some mid-tones to add to the blocks as needed. I am decidedly mid tone, my eyes always favor this level of saturation and I find it challenging to go either lighter or darker. 

Funnily enough, the mid tones I've decided to add in are also Robyn Pandolph fabrics, I seem to have a soft spot for all her fabric ranges, I am hopelessly in love with them all. Right now, I'm aiming to keep the quilt within the originally planned 'Jardin Gris' scheme with just minor additions if needed, so I'll see how I go. This will be a soft romantic quilt, much like a watercolor. That's new for me, but I think, why not?
Here's my constructed pattern, all mapped out ready for me to start tracing my pieces onto fusible. After I've cut out the fusible shapes I need, I keep them in envelopes, assorted by area on the pattern or fabrics which I'm going to make them in. The next step will be ironing down these shapes onto my chosen fabrics for each part of the pattern.

OK, I'm ready to start Part 1, here I go !

Secret Garden is a 12 month Mystery Mainly Applique BOM
It costs $6.95 USD per month to take part

Everyone making Secret Garden is invited to join my Quilt BOM Group over on Facebook which is the perfect spot to share images of your work as you make the block each month. Simply click below to join us in the best quilting group on the internet!

Looking for a free BOM? You're in luck! My current free BOM called Diamond Hill is currently running and you can download the current and  previous blocks over in Quilt BOM Group over on Facebook. You'll find the pattern over in over in the files area. And yes, it's really free (there are no trick questions, trials or email mailing lists or complications of any kind.) 


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