Sunday 5 March 2017

Secret Garden: Block 2

 It's time to create Part 2 and this lovely block has a fleeting visitor -a bird. In it's beak is the broken chain that was attached to the hidden key of Part 1. Here I've constructed the pattern and placed it on top of my slim light box, below. Then I traced my pattern on my background fabric. The red lines indicate where I will use embroidery stitches.
I much prefer this slim light to my old bulky light-box, but I do have one complaint - you have to have it plugged into an electrical socket at all times for use, it has no battery life at all! I bought it online, so I didn't know that when I purchased it. Next time I will get one with a charge. 
 Now that my pattern is traced, it's time to consider fabrics. You know how I always struggle with fabrics. I'm utterly indecisive and drive myself mad with fabric combinations and possibilities. I thought sticking with a single range would help, but I am still thinking and re-thinking all choices..
 I quite like this marble for the curved vase, for instance. I know I said I was going to stick with Jardin Gris completely, but the range is too limited for an entire quilt, I need some breakaway fabrics to keep it all harmonious.
 Yes, I think it works.. I'll show you how it turned out in the next post.. 
This bird is a tricky character. I had envisioned a sleek, black bird visiting into the garden and stealing away a key chain. But this bird refuses to be a sleek thief. He wants to stay around and blend into the foliage, not take flight. So I think a range of mid tone purples will work instead. This range is also a Robyn Pandolph range and it's from my stash. I think it might be just the thing..

I'll show you how I got on in the next post.
How are you getting on with your own Part 2 block?
Over in my Facebook BOM Group there are fabulous pictures of quilters making up this part in all tastes and styles, each as lovely as the last.. see you there everyone!

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 


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  1. Esther, thanks for the share. Always so inspiring for me to rein in on your photos and watch your process. My Sunday morning indulgence! Delightful! <3


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