Wednesday 9 November 2011

WOW: Rose Table Runner

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

The table length is 118 1/2 " or 3m
It started the night before my birthday. My DD’s wanted a table cloth for the big day. Honestly, I’m not that fussed. We have one for Christmas and Easter of course, but otherwise – and especially with a table this big, I usually opt for a runner.
I don’t know if you think about new table settings the evening before the morning they are required, but in my house this is actually a reoccurring theme!
It just so happens that last week right until my birthday I was sorting through my fabric stash and doing some tidying of my studio, and came across this beauty:

I purchased this fabric because I fell in love with it on sight. The roses are painted and although these images don’t do it justice, they are superb. The problem was that when I brought it home, I couldn’t cut into it. I didn’t have the heart. Also, the positioning of the design on the fabric meant that whichever flower I cut (if I decided to fussy cut) would cut into another bouquet, so that wasn’t a good use for it.
In the end, I decided to use it as a quilt back. But then thought it was too pretty not to be seen. So then I thought I would upholster a chair with it or maybe even create a screen.
Does anyone else have these fabric moments??
Well, Thursday night I pulled it out and we both fell in love with it as a table cloth. But covering the whole table was a bit much, so we experimented with a wide table runner. Well, I loved it.
Next, we agreed that we needed matching napkins and that the table runner should be plain – with maybe prairie paint binding in a matching yellow or peachy pink to the roses.
Just for the day, I folded it into size, ironed it down and made use of it unfinished until I have a moment to get it done properly.
So there it was – 5 hours until my birthday and another WIP started…oh well…
I will keep you posted and share the finished piece…when I get there myself!


  1. Gorgeous fabric, and when you read my post for this week you will laugh because I feature a piece of fabric that I could not cut up either. I think the tablerunner will be just beautiful. Bunny

  2. Such beautiful fabric - I, too, would have trouble cutting it.

  3. Esther, whenever I buy yet another outrageously beautiful, or expensive, or unneeded piece of fabric, I tell myself and others that I bought it because it made me happy. You seem to be happy with the fabric, too. And I think most fabric lovers have pieces of fabric that we don't want to cut. I have had lots of those moments. As the runner is in the last photo, I think the golden color of the tabletop surface is a fitting background for the fabric, picking up some of the color of the flowers. It is simply beautiful, and I know you will figure out how to put it to the best use for your table.

    Judy, to my best friends

  4. It's beautiful fabric, I see why you did have the heart to cut it. It looks lovely as a table runner, great idea.

  5. I totally understand the feeling of not being able to cut into a fabric! I got a particular fabric from my mother she has had for almost 20 years (I would swipe it and hide it when I was a child); I have had it 3 years and until this year I haven't been able to cut into it (I am finally going to use a little to make a dress for my coming-soon daughter). I think you do a wonderful job on your table runner even if you feel you ahve to use another fabric, eventually you may be able to let it get cut!


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