Friday 11 November 2011

My London Bus Tour

The best thing I did in London was get on a bus. An iconic red double decker bus that drove around for 3 hours. Wow, what an eye opener! Taking in the city from the roof of the bus was so relaxed.

As a people watcher / building observer, I loved every minute of it! You could actually 'see' styles and fashions  change as we moved out of one area and into the next. The same thing was reflected in the buildings from old to new to facades.

As a foreigner, London looks so historic, the wealth of details street after street really took me in. And I loved being high enough to see everything from a perspective I never usually think about.
As the bus drove around the streets, I randomly took these pictures whenever the bus stopped at a light or in traffic. The rest of the time I just leaned over the rail and took in the view. The best snaps are in my mind. I'm not really a document- every -moment- kind of tourist, I'd rather enjoy myself. I definitely recommend a London Bus Tour to anyone - it gives you a real perspective of the city.
There is so much beauty up there! And down below too....

If i'd had the time, I would have done it again. The snaps I have of this great ride are taken during red lights and occassional stops. It's a mixed bag! Just the way I like it!

this looks so english to my eyes

unexpected pink flowers in a grey spot

beautiful architecture


looking down or alongside statues (instead of up at them) was a nice change

as was getting as close as possible to beautiful building details

as soon as I saw the building below I 'knew' I was in London,
can't explain why, I must have seen it on a TV program

I really wish I could have got close enough and high enough to see the detail of the building below.
 Is it an angel? a scroll?

 It really had me thinking about the skill, legacy and values of craftsmanship and how buildings built today, by way of comparison, have no soul.

crowds  / people / queues everywhere
London has definitely put my general queue annoyances into perspective!

 This growth is not flora, it's actually a textile installation, a work of textile art. Well, this is what I was told, I didn't actually get off the bus to see the carpet for myself

 London eye

it's Big Ben



  1. Wow, fantastic photos Esther!

  2. Lovely memories - Great photos! Don't forget you can zoom in to enlarge details. (I think your 'Angel' may be "Britannia's shield with flags")

  3. How neat! A travelogue. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

  4. Thanks, Esther. Now I don't have to go there. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

  5. I love seeing my city through the eyes of another.
    You even had a shot of our old office (or very nearly).

  6. Beautiful photos thanks for sharing.


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