Monday 7 November 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Thank you everyone for your well wishes on my birthday!

It was my birthday on Friday.

I was really surprised when I checked my inbox this morning to find quite a few messages in there!
And now that I’ve mentioned it, I suppose I should share a bit of it…

There were flowers (red roses of course, what else??)

And a blue hydrangea too...
The day before, during the grocery shopping, I fell in love with a hydrangea and had to have it. Isn’t it lovely? I was torn between the white ball and the pink (it was an unusual deep pink) ball as well, but as they were wilted from being inside so long, it made my choice a bit easier.

And I bought it in honour of my birthday.
 I really love this blue.
For my birthday lunch we enjoyed a Chinese Banquet. I am quite happy anywhere. But my DDs had arranged this as they are quite fussy. In a way I'm happy that they are because it was all just perfect...and I didnt have to cook a thing!

I’m not especially a sweet person, but the miniature deserts on the plate were so quaint and looked so lovely that I had to take a photo.

It was too much of a pity to eat them. I thought they looked like a quilting fabric I have somewhere in my stash.

Back home, my birthday cake was marble mud cake. I’m not usually keen on anything called mud cake – but it really is delicious. We are still enjoying it with coffee today.

The little bird is a bit of a joke as I always add birds to my projects, so my DDs added it to my cake as a little well-wisher.

In the evening my DH took me to a show at the Arts Centre and we enjoyed the city and stayed the night overlooking the river on the Southbank. Actually, for someone who lives here, I realized that I don’t usually see all that much of Melbourne!  
My DH knows it very well but I really enjoyed it as a tourist. A tourist in my own city! Here’s a view from our window. Glorious.

Well, you can see why I still feel as though
I am in holiday mode. I am!


  1. Lovely flowers....Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Esther!

    Many Happy Returns!

    Gorgeous red roses.

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  4. Esther you fellow Scorpio now I know why you are so generous!! mine was on Thursday. I can see you had a wonderful day so sorry I didn`t get to wish you Happy Birthday on the day but I figure it should be celebrated the whole week.
    Thanks so much for just being you and your creative self
    Note: I should always edit before posting to quickly!!

  5. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful day you enjoyed, thanks for sharing.

  6. What lovely treats and a lovely day for a lovely birthday lady. Happy birthday to you! :)

  7. What a gorgeous cake :D Happy belated birthday!

  8. Well I seems you had a very happy birthday, so my wish is for a year full of rich blessings for you and yours.
    I do not have a bunch of red roses but went out with the camera and put some from the garden in my blog.

  9. Esther, There is nothing like having a 'stay-cation' in our own beautiful city and a night out at the Art Centre! A great Birthday treat!

  10. Happy Birthday to you :)
    Nice day

  11. I love your roses and it sure looks like you had a wonderful Birthday. Enjoy

  12. Cor what a fabulous birthday. I LOVED the look of the cake/s. The roses were pretty amazing too. I hope you had a fabulous day xx

  13. Happy Birthday to a very special person.
    Gisela - USA

  14. Happy Birthday to you! It looks like you had a wonderful one.

  15. The sparkle in your eye and the smile says it all!
    Happy Birthday ( better late than not at all)

  16. Happy birthday! May your life be filled with health, luck and the love of your loved ones!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Lovely flowers, and many many more..

  18. A little late, but none the less: Happy Birthday!

  19. Many many more happy birthdays . Lovely red roses , beautiful Hydrangea . I planted 5 in my garden this last summer , I love them too . Now it's autumn/winter one has red leaves and the bracts are a deep plum red .
    And all that cake!!!!!!
    Thankyou for sharing your blog


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