Friday 18 November 2011

Coffee Holiday Habits

With a coffee machine at home, I did wonder how I would get by on my travels without being able to make the perfect cappuccino within 3 minutes. This is a luxury I enjoy.
Well, I didn’t have to worry, I found coffee everywhere I went, and..

..being on holiday meant that I had to add cake alongside my coffee too

diet? what diet?

Well I thought coffee in Melbourne was overpriced, so Harrod's put it all into persepctive for me.
I usually pay AU $3.80 for a coffee, and my Harrod's coffee converted to AU $8.05

Coffee is now very much the same everywhere you go. It’s still overpriced. But a necessity nonetheless. Of course, after coffees I enjoyed other cafe delights too...

but coffee was the staple...
My school friend Vilinka makes an excellent coffee…and having known each other 40 years, we had a lot to talk about over our coffee. She is an extraordinary cake maker (see below pic!)…and a newly converted quilter! (maybe??…high hopes). She does own an Elna sewing machine and this a good start….

For someone who doesnt ordinarily eat sweets, I sure made up for it on holiday...

And lastly, a lovely slice made by my sister Danica.

Now I'm back home it's time to grind some beans and make some coffee and get down to work! Without the aid of cake...


  1. Hm, your post is really delicious! :-)))

  2. I have also come home from the delicious desserts and cakes of Europe. I had real trouble trying to find tea. But the cakes made up for it.

  3. Oh my goodness, that takes me back to France, Austria, and Belgium????? That is a gorgeous cup and saucer of Vilinka’s!!!! Plus the plate is perfect, was it a small plate or a large piece of cake Esther??????? Thanks for sharing specially the visit to Harrods; it is a long time since I was there but it was sugar lumps with tongs and not sugar in paper then?????? But it was not as good as Demels or Hotel Sacher, Oh those coffee cafes in Vienna or other parts of Europe!!!!!!!!!! It sure is fun looking at your trip away. Cheers Glenda

  4. Oh, they look lucious! Bet each one was a culinary delight. I, too, would have forgotten my diet.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I've never been to Harrods but I think that if I went, I would indulge somehow. I think I gained weight just look at all the delicious sweets. I can't see how it would have been possible for you to resist!

  6. I haven't had cake in such a long time...........and your's looked so good. Marilyn

  7. Oh, Esther, I think I gained weight just reading this post! Yum!!!

  8. 5 pounds 20 for a coffee??? That really is over the top.

    I enjoyed reading about all these goodies.

  9. What a lot of cake! I always wanted to live in the lift at Harrods, so I could whizz up and down to the Food Hall whenever I felt the need for chocolate coated apples or exquisite cakage.

  10. Yummm as in EEEEE!!! Thank you for sharing your treats with us.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  11. Oh, your post brought back wonderful memories... Of the treats and coffees... Not the prices... Reminded me of my last trip to Europe -- Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, everything was sooo dear!

    I went to Harrods about six years ago. The only thing I could justify purchasing was a shopping bag with the name Harrod's enbroidered on...haha...

  12. Oh you are making me hungry! I need to go on a holiday I think!


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