Friday 25 November 2011

Visiting Lipica

I get so annoyed when google flips my pics like this!!

I thought I'd share my trip to the Lipiuca Stud Farm with you. It's such a beautiful spot that it's too good to keep to myself.
Lipizzaner Stallions are beautiful white horses which are bred in Slovenia and known throughout the world. The Lipica stud farm is a local and tourist attraction and even offers riding lessons to those who are interested. Personally, I was more interested in enjoying the company of these horses with my DH, which is exactly what we did.

Of course, admiring the stallions is one thing, taking a carriage ride is another...

These horses are so majestic. Interestingly they are born dark and lighten as they mature.

These shots are postcard worthy, so you can imagine how tranquil being there was…. Every moment with these horses was beautiful.
The whole day was wonderful and warm. During our trip this year we experienced Europe’s warmest Autumn in 90 years!
Of course I packed for a traditional European autumn…but that’s another story! And another wardrobe! I can’t complain because the sunshine was not harsh, but warm and gentle.

Oh and here's a pic of my sister Danica and her partner who joined us on our jaunt

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  1. Thank you sooooooooo much Esther!!!!!!!, of all my photo's of these magnificent creatures I have never seen this side of them at the stud farm. Thanks so much for sharing I enjoyed the ride immensely. Cheers Glenda


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