Tuesday 22 November 2011

Hearts Desire Inspires Another...

When I sit down for my mid-morning coffee to check my emails – well it’s usually all very predictable stuff in there. But not this morning! Every now and then, I get a really wonderful email that makes my day, like this one below from Lucia Martins who was inspired by Hearts Desire to make her own quilt!
Here is Lucia’s inspired quilt, Bluebird

 from what I gather on pinterest, it's needle turn

I think this design is really wonderful. I love it! It’s taken an element from Hearts Desire and created a whole new idea around it. Isn’t it great??? The colours, the scale and the detail is superb. I love the greens,the hearts, the vases, actually I think it all just works. I love the balance of the design. Of course I've shown everyone and they agree, it's lovely!
(I've just spent half an hour in there admiring everything. I know, I know, how much longer can I ignore pinterest??? There are more great pics of this quilt there too.)

Hearts Desire is my previous BOM, and here’s my block:

Thank you Lucia
for sharing your beautiful quilt, I feel so privileged that you took the time to contact me.

I love seeing new projects and quilts created or inspired by my own work, that’s why my Yahoo Bom Group is such an exciting place – this kind of sharing goes on daily.


  1. Now that is a big WOW I love what she did with your amazing designs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Esther, we Brazilians, who followed the Lucia's work, were very happy with your post and your kindness. It's really a wonderful job. I hope more beautiful quilts come so inspired by your work. Sabrina.

  3. Beautiful. How wonderful to share ideas and inspirations.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Bravo to Lucia for her inspired work, but even more for Esther whom I have long admired for her willingness to recognize the value of finished projects inspired by her designs (however far they may wander from the ideas in her head).

  5. Thank you all for the lovely words. I'm very very happy!


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