Wednesday 1 May 2019

WOW: Pottering About

  WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays  
I need more fresh air: although I could spend all day indoors quilting, I find that there's nothing more refreshing than pottering about in the garden. This is my version of gardening', a few sweet little pots that I'm going to transfer into a hanging basket. I just want these sweet little faces poking through and I like the idea of enjoying my morning coffee with a pansy nearby.

Blame it on Hold Onto Your Heart, I am a little bit obsessed with pansies at the minute.. not that this is a problem. But as my DH pointed out this morning - a pansy door wreath, my new pansy mug (awaiting it's arrival via post), several pansy greeting cards on the fridge just for the pretty factor and now my hanging basket. But I don't think I've gone pansy enough, I'm sure I can fit some more into my life somehow.. perhaps pansies are my own version of wearing purple??! Time will tell..
What's Your Favorite Garden Plant?

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  1. Pansies have always been my favorite. You're so going to enjoy those.

  2. I love roses and lilacs; probably because they're perennials.

  3. Dear Esther

    Pansies will not wild with a cold snap or a bit of frost, the best part it produce flowers and then they just keep on flowering. They always remind me of smiling happy smiles. Our warmer weather is not here yet, which we would normally have by now, so I potted four pots with spring bulbs and pansies, every time we go past them, we can enjoy a riot of colour. So they make us happy to see them everyday.


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