Saturday 25 May 2019

Mini Easter Blessings by Bunny

Mini Easter Blessings by Bunny of Canada
This sweet mini quilt was an Easter project from a few years ago. Once day I'll include it as part of a seasonal project set but it isn't available as a pattern right now - mostly because I haven't completed mine. That's right; although I have many grand plans and schemes, most of them haven't eventuated yet because of my epic WIP pile! Once I get all my Easter Projects made and photographed, I'll release them, but for now I browse the beauties other people have managed to complete - like my dear friend Bunny. 

I can always rely on Bunny when i want to see my 'back catalog' because she's done just about everything I've put out - which is more impressive than what I can boast for myself!

And this little sweetie is just too cute not to share. Honestly, who doesn't love tulips, birds and foliage? And let's not forget the jumping bunny behind the eggs.

I love it Bunny, but then again, I love everything you do.. 

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