Friday 17 May 2019

Diamond Hill by Elaine Armenta

Diamond Hill 
by Elaine Armenta of Bonney Lake Washington, USA 

Oh my goodness, what an elegant quilt! I just love the colours choices Elaine has made, the purple tone with golden yellows is so attractive, I love how it frames the floral blocks. This quilt is perfectly balanced and I keep looking again and again, getting something extra each time. The centre star in deep blue is the perfect finishing touch that harmonizes with the border foliage - perfect.

If you read my blog, you already know that I love 'reading' other people's colour schemes, to me it's a real treat to see my design through someone else eyes and this beauty is a real treat.

If you'd like to read more about Diamond Hill, you can check out the Diamond Hill post archive right here on this blog by clicking the image below. 

'Diamond Hill' 
Read more about this quilt by clicking here now

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