Monday 13 May 2019

Hold Onto Your Heart: Part 5

This month it's time to create the circling bows and berries that circle the Heartfelt Centre. When you construct your pattern sheet this month and take a good look at the elements, remember that you have options when it comes to the flowering heads. 
These little heads are real beauties and they're intense shapes designed to bring out the creative best in experienced applique-ers. You don't have to follow the flower heads exactly. I'll be showing you exactly how I make mine, but I wanted to remind you before you start out this month that you can create a simplified flower head instead. It's also a perfect spot for some fussy cutting or broderie perse if you prefer.
I'll be making mine as per the pattern for this gentle scheme because I love them. For my bright coloured quilt top, I'll consider a simplified head - you can easily do this by just tracing the flower outline only to create a single scalloped shape and using an interesting fabric in place of all the individual layers.

This is your quilt, so feel free to modify the shapes to make them work for you. And if you're unsure, just wait a few days - there'll be plenty of these beauties on show in the Group in no time at all.

Come back tomorrow where I'll be sharing my progress with you..
     'Hold Onto Your Heart' is a paid BOM  
It's a breathtaking quilt full of meaningful symbols and beauty. The floral border is a triumph which offers an additional  pieced option - making it versatile for all skill levels. Perfect for lovers and enthusiasts of applique. 
  You can start this BOM today!  
Be sure to visit my Online Quilt Group on Facebook where progress images are being shown all the time. It's a massive inspiration and I warn you, it's addictive!

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  1. Thanks for discussing options for simplifying the flower heads. The pattern is magnificent as designed but sometimes those really intricate elements can scare off beginners and novices if they don't know how to adapt the pattern to their current skill level. I'm curious about what looks like staples through the templates in your photo. Do you trace the shape onto the top layer of stabilizer, then staple it to multiple blank pieces and cut multiples at the same time? How many layers are you able to cut through without distortion of the shape happening to the bottom layers?


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