Tuesday 28 May 2019

HOYH: More Bows and Berries

I'm making steady progress on my berries and bows. Although I like to buy all my fabrics ahead of time when I've settled on a project,  this is one quilt I simply can't confine to a single palette. This used to drive me crazy. I hate going over (and over!) fabric decisions once I've made a start on any quilt, but Hold Onto Your Heart has it's own ideas and I can only take directions. 

At least once a week I go out and browse local fabric shops looking for an elusive shade of green or blue or pink to match this or that. I've noticed that fabric ranges are coming and going much too quickly for my own artistic pace - I like to do things a little slower and enjoy a range a little longer than seems to be popular. 
I'm currently setting aside the best daylight hours for a few days each week to make this beautiful quilt happen and can't wait to show you what's next..

 'Hold Onto Your Heart' is a paid BOM 
It's a breathtaking quilt full of meaningful symbols and beauty. The floral border is a triumph which offers an additional  pieced option - making it versatile for all skill levels. Perfect for lovers and enthusiasts of applique. 

You can start this BOM today! 
Be sure to visit my Online Quilt Group on Facebook where progress images are being shown all the time. It's a massive inspiration and I warn you, it's addictive!


  1. Your quilts are truly works of art. I love seeing every post, every step you share, and all your fabric choices and hints. Thanks sew much for sharing.

  2. It sure is a beautiful palette of colour.


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