Wednesday 12 September 2018

WOW: Basket Case Quilter Alert!

WOW = WIPs on Wednesdays
If you follow my Instagram account, you'll know that the minute I set eyes on this fabric, it was MINE! Sometimes fabric just calls out to me and this fabric was shouting. There's something about the baskets, I'm crazy for baskets and as I stood there I was wondering what I would make from this fabric.. and also if there was enough fabric on the bolt?!

Anyway, sometimes you've got to stop what you're doing and just make a little something special just for the pleasure of it. I decided to use one of these gorgeous baskets for a special little something below. I just had to pair it with the green fabric. It was the first fabric I thought of to match it up with in the shop too. Isn't it funny how some fabrics just slot into an idea straight away?

Now that I've got the first play out of my system, I'm thinking about a table runner with some naive applique fruits and sprigs in between for an easy table length. Hmmm, I'm still deciding. One things fore sure, whatever I make - it'll be devoted to theses abundant baskets on blue. Sigh
What's Your WOW?


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