Tuesday 4 September 2018

'Australis' by Valerie Giles

Talk about swooning! I'm all in a flutter over how Valerie Giles has created her very own 'Australis'. Not only is Valerie's the first to be made, but she's gone ahead and improved the pattern with a background that simply inspires. Look at the details in her leaves. I just love the dappled nature of her background selection and frankly couldn't have done it better myself. I should mention too that my pattern 'Australis' is for the creation of the bird. This incredible background is all down to Valerie's own flair and style, I had nothing to do with it! So far this image is of the project sewn together, ready to be layered and quilted. I can't wait to see the 'final' result as this wall hanging is already perfect in my eyes!

It makes my day when quilters as talented as Valerie make my patterns and I'm doubly lucky when they share their work over in my Group. It's truly an inspiration to us all and a huge motivation for anyone looking on and learning. 

'Australis' is one of two bonus projects I'm releasing to paid members of my BOM 2018 program. It's an art quilt project and I know many members were pleasantly surprised when it was released because it is so different to the usual 'bonus' offerings. I love trying new things and experimenting with techniques, so to see Valerie create the pattern and then take it one step further with a stunning background is just my jam. I'm over the moon, can you tell?

Thank you for allowing me to share your work with readers beyond our Group,Valerie.

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