Monday 3 September 2018

Morning Glory: Making Part 9

Yes, we really are up to Part 9 and isn't this quilt coming together beautifully?! We're well on the home stretch now and the finished top is very nearly in sight. This month it's time to create the setting triangle blocks according to the quilt layout in your pattern. You'll make all 4 sides and add in the applique petal pieces put aside earlier. When you sew in the triangles, take care not to stretch the fabric which is tempting to do as it's on the bias and will give easily.
These previously set aside blocks come alive when they're set in with the triangles, I am really loving the dark blue background of my own colour scheme. Usually by this stage of construction I think about what other fabrics I could have used, but this range has been gorgeous from the get go. And, somehow, it keeps growing on me. It was love at first sight and I still love it now. This is a new fabric experience for me!
And now I'm stitching the left and right sides of each of the four sides. I can't wait to move past this step. This quilt top is quickly nearing completion and I can hardly believe it..

BOM 2018, My Biggest Year Ever! 

Morning Glory is my current paid BOM. It's an applique and pieced quilt. 

You can start this BOM today! 

Simply click the quilt image to learn more.

To see some of the breathtaking examples that are taking shape, simply visit my Free BOM Group on Facebook where progress images are being shown all the time. It's a massive inspiration and I warn you, it's addictive!


  1. It sure is going to be a stunner Esther and finsihed by Christmas? Do you think you will get it quilted also by Christmas? Just love these colours and tones.

  2. The navy blue really does make those blocks pop!

  3. I would never have picked those colors...very impressive


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