Sunday 30 September 2018

No Fool Like An Old Fool?

Have you been suckered into buying any of the products advertised on Instagram? I have! And the evidence is all contained in this bright silver postage satchel. No fool like an old fool? I think so.

Over on Instagram the ad for the INVINCEABLE power cleaner totally won me over. I mean, who wouldn't love a spray solution so effective and so powerful that it practically does all the work for you? Not me, that's for sure! Just the possibility of spraying some dirty surface and then miraculously wiping away a cloth full of grime with zero effort on my end was to good to pass up. As it turns out, it was also too good to be true. But as my cleaning style is already that of a spray and go kind of woman, so I was putty in their hands before the video even ended. The only question I was left pondering was how many miracle powdered tablets was I going to need?
It's true to say I don't exactly have a grip on housework. It's a daily necessity that gets in the way of what I'd rather be doing (which is anything else at all). But that doesn't stop me having mid scrolling daydreams about being a marvelous cleaning wizz with all the new gadgets. I somehow convince myself that I could really be on top of these chores if I just had the right tools. And those tools must pass my first level of inspection - the AS SEEN ON TV badge. If it has that, it's pretty much on my wish list. Fortunately (although I will admit I have begrudged them at times) my family has, up until now, swooped in just seconds before I hit the 'buy now' button countless times, and followed up with why such and such product is a fake, a bad idea or just plain impossible. 

But this purchase slipped the net. I just went ahead and spent over $35 on an empty plastic bottle and 5 baggies of powdered washing detergent. 
My heart sank when I peered into the bag. I had a gut feeling that this invincible spray and wipe cleaner wasn't going to be so invincible after all. Trying to salvage some self respect, I made up the formula and gave it a go on a small bench top area. It fizzled slightly and then just sat there in pool of what looked a lot like $35 dollars worth of detergent. I gave it 4 hours to work it's magic like the bottle suggested. But 6 hours later it was the same puddle of detergent and it really hadn't cleaned a jot. 
 At this point I would have said that I'd paid $35 for an ANY ANGLE SPRAY BOTTLE as declared on the front label. But that isn't entirely true. You see, the bottle won't spray on any angle other than directly upright and the screw top nozzle is already cracked.

So if you see this advert on Instagram, scroll on..


  1. I have been caught in this trap also.

  2. Ha ha - this is something we have all done and regretted. My husband still has the neck exerciser in his dresser. What was he thinking!?! Me - a few items are sitting in my sewing room that just take up space and need to be dusted. Oh well.

  3. I'm the opposite of you Esther; if it says AS SEEN ON TV, I'm immediately suspicious and steer clear. In fact, I've never even seen advertisements on Instagram (I must overlook them), and I have a snack for overlooking all the TV commercials. But I buy plenty online on my own -- I don't need them hawking their wares for me to buy, just other stuff.

  4. I have a diet plan, battery powered knives, and numerous other items. Except it's not me, it's my husband. I call him the infomercial king!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. I saw this product on tv last night, and it looked SO great - and when I saw the tablets, and I remembered your post. Thank goodness I didn't order it!


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