Monday 8 November 2010


Congratulations to Robyne Melia (blog over here: who has sold her Crazy Quilt for $70,000

I think that's note worthy. Congrats Robyne, it gives all us patchworkers hope that someday our quilts will have a real sales value.

It's so nice to hear that someone has sold a real quilt for this price... do drop by her blog and congratulate her yourself, this is quite a (historic?) achievement!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I paid a quick visit to congratulate Robyne too:)

  2. I visited her blog yesterday and was so pleased, what a great achievment..

  3. That's great for her. I can't imagine spending that much time on one quilt- what dedication!

    I never try to sell a quilt because people undervalue the time, effort, and even the materials OR they want you to just do THEIR vision instead of making something using your own creativity. It sounds like Robyne got the best of both worlds!


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