Monday 1 November 2010

AQC 2011 Tutor

Next year is only 8 weeks away (what?!) so it's not too early to announce that I am delighted to be a tutor at the AQC in Carlton, Melbourne for 2011.

My workshop on bindings has sold out, however there are still many great classes available. You can check them out here:

These are some of my quilt bindings. I'm looking forward to sharing what I know about this important technique with my class.


  1. Lucky participants in your workshop - I'm sure they'll enjoy it a lot. It's such a pity Australia is about as remote as could be from my part of the world ;-(.

  2. Oh, I would love to take a class with you someday - any chance of you coming to the US at some point?

  3. Congratulations Esther, we'll have to catch up there 'next' year. I can't believe that we're in November already...

  4. I would love to have a class with you... It would be great if you could teach at one of our shows here in the US.
    Is that double binding that I see in your photo??? Beautiful!!


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