Monday 8 November 2010

Hooking is addictive

This is what 94 crochet hex motifs look like...

When I realised I was only 8 short for the afghan, I got stuck in. I wasn't prepared to wait another week to finish my nightly tally.

Now I wish I had been joining them as I went along -facing the hours stitching them together is already a little bit boring and I am only 1 row down (9 to go). Oh well, at least I will have this project finished before summer. Another project avoids the WIP shelf!

The problem with crochet is that you can sit down to join a single row and before you know what happened, 3 hours have passed and you don't know what to cook for lunch!

Also on my mind this past weekend: the 12 Days of Christmas

Up on my wall, I felt it was missing something but could not decide what. It's already quite busy, so although I thought another border would be a good idea...I didnt want to overdo it either.

Then I found some red bits in my red scrap box that I started earlier on in the year and never finished, and I think it works...what do you think?


  1. Yes, the red scraps reallty finish it off better. JMHO.

  2. I like the border but the brown looks out of place.

  3. Your crochet project is beautiful. And the red scraps look wonderful as a finish for the wall hanging.

  4. It looks great! Reminds me of peeking into someone's house on Christmas eve, those red and white scraps could be the lights around the window! I think that's the finishing touch on the quilt!

  5. Your afghan is going to look so pretty:)

  6. I like the border Esther, it just adds that extra little touch of 'festive' I think...


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