Tuesday 9 November 2010

A pleasure shared is double the pleasure

Recognise this quilt? Anyone? It's Red Delicious!

Today was shaping up to be just another Tuesday...until I received news via a happy mail from Bronwen Sayers- her Red Delicious Quilt, titled: My Pink Lady took out an impressive award.

SA's Festival of Quilts 2010
My Pink Lady by Bronwen Sayers
was awarded 2nd Place in
Predominantly Applique - Professional

This news just made my day! I love hearing about Red Delicious quilts out there in the world making their mark in show after show. This is an impressive award in an accomplished category and I congratulate Bronwen for doing such a great job!

Once again, another quilter has made Red Delicious all her own. This quilt is full of personality - I just love it!

Also, when I was making Red Delicious, I had ideas about how it would look in prints, in monochromes, in batiks and... in pinks with just the right shades of yellow... -Bronwen you read my mind!....and I love these pinks. They work so well. Bronwen you have a great eye for applique. Fabric can make all the difference and your selection is superb.

Thanks to all the talented ladies who share their work in Yahoo Bom Group, I have been lucky enough to 'see' Red Delicious made up in all those 'ideas' of possibility as well as plenty more. Each quilt has so much of the makers 'hand' in its look that I love browsing through the albums.

I am so lucky that so many of you have generously shared your creative work back with me so I can enjoy it too. Thank you to everyone who has shared their process with me personally and via the group.

I love this cherry basket..the purple tones just sing.

Thank you for sharing this pleasure with me...


  1. It is a just great Quilt. Very nice Colors.

  2. What a beautiful quilt, a real work of art! Thank you for sharing this:)

  3. This one is also very beautiful!
    Greetings from Joke

  4. Congratulations to Bronwen. I love her interpretation of your design. The colors are gorgeous.

  5. That looks so amazing. I've done mine in red but the pink is delicious too. I bet you feel like a proud Mum Esther.

  6. I just love this quilt! It's so much fun to see the different colors.


  7. What a thrill for you to see your designs win awards time and time again. It really has to tell you something when such accomplished quilters WANT to make a quilt you designed........and do it so amazingly well.

  8. This is a beautiful quilt! Congratulations to Bronwen and also you, Esther, for the inspiration. She did a great job.

  9. A truly lovely quilt. Great use of colour and applique

  10. Hi Esther,
    Wow! What a fantastic version, no wonder it won awards. She has done your design proud. Must admit my eyes lingered on those cherries too :)
    Hugs, Sharon


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