Tuesday 5 October 2010

Part 2 is launched

This week: 4 baubles and applique

a partridge in a pear tree
a turtle dove
a french hen
a calling bird

The first four have found homes this week (as above).

Yes, my inspiration for this wall hanging is limited to singular characters. You can see that the fabric you choose will make a big difference to the style of your wallhanging.

You will be cutting out pairs of the baubles and creating the applique fronts for 4 of the characters from fabric scraps.

It's week 2: are you keeping up ?

PS. Follow the pattern. There is a Template B in your pattern PDF - if you're wondering why... we will be padding the bauble with pelon or batting and Template B is the template to use when doing this. You can ignore it for this week.
Cut Template A as directed.

Also, my applique drawings are drawn inside Template B for the simple reason that it keeps me inside the seam allowance of Template A easily.

Template B is the finished size (no seam allowance)
Template A includes seam allowance

And it does not matter if you have not reversed your diamond template. It will be fine.


  1. Charming birds! The turtle dove is best.

  2. I just had gall bladder surgery and missed the 1st pattern. Anyone got a copy they will send me;

  3. I finished my trees tonight! These baubles are looking pretty hard! I've never done such small applique before. Do we sew the pieces on, or just iron them down?

    And I've never used fusible wedding before. What you're saying is that I have to mirror image the piece, then cut it out, right?

    I'm having a great time following along though!

  4. Looks great Esther and thank you for this bom.
    I have finished my 12 diamonds and now up to the baubles. Could the front and back of the bauble be different reds? will the back be seen?
    Also I have to pack up my sewing room of the next week, any chance of getting an idea on other fabrics I might need to leave out.
    Hope you are able to answer.

  5. Thank you for your bom, Esther. I am up to the baubles now and wondered if it will matter if the front and back are different reds.
    Also I have to pack up my sewing room this week and wondered if you would feel you could give me an inkling into what other fabrics I would need.
    Hope you can
    thanks Lyn

  6. Esther, I missed part 1. where can I buy it?


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