Tuesday 19 October 2010

Part 4

Wednesday, Week 4

Here are the last 4 baubles
They are also my personal favourites

By now you will have mastered the art of applique onto baubles...it gets easier doesnt it? The first week I was using tweesers, by bauble 10- I was flying into my scraps and getting them down in no time at all.

The method is the same as last week. Fabric scraps and getting it all down neatly.

Next Wednesday week we will be increasing our pace just a little ( I can't wait)!

You'll notice I left my faces blank... don't be put off by this. At the time I scanned these images, my sharpie pens were packed away for a workshop. I WILL be drawing the faces in. I won't let last week's squinty milk maiden defeat me.


  1. These are simply adorable...wish I was home to make them.

  2. I've enjoyed seeing all your baubles .... you are such a talented lady!

  3. Esther, love your fabric choices. These do, indeed, look very fun! Can't wait to get started!


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