Tuesday 12 October 2010

Part 3

We're at Part 3

This week is more of the same. You are creating the bauble fronts for another 4 baubles. This is done in applique from assorted scraps - or embroidered if you prefer.

For the '5 golden rings' I went with some gold cord ribboning instead of applique. You could also embellish with gold beads. There is a lot of freedom in this BOM so don't be afraid to try something new.

Here is my laying goose...

 ...and my swimming swan....
And here is my milkmaid. As you can see, I could use some help with drawing faces. I know many quilters are very good at drawing faces so I know you will all do better at this than me! My milkmaid leaves much to be desired, infact my DD suggested that 'no face' would have looked better. I agree!

The pleasure in the BOM is that it is not too serious and it's OK if your detail isnt perfect.

Many of you have asked me about what prints to use.
This bom is perfect for SCRAPS. Obviously small print scraps will work well, but so will block colours. Go with what feels right.

I have seen cute utensil buttons at craft fairs but never purchased any on my new pre buy condition of  "what do I need it for?" (to stop my craft mountain growing!). Well I know there are some very nice 'milk jug' buttons out there so if any of you have these in your stash - go ahead and use them. Change the applique to suit you.

The last 4 baubles are next week...


  1. I am not a "bauble" person, but this looks very nice, very different:)

  2. I missed week 1. Will the individual weeks be available for purchase?

  3. Esther, thanks for providing close-ups of how you did these 4. Seeing the detail really helps, even if we change it up. I'm so enjoying this challenging project!

  4. These are darling - I love the look! :)

  5. Thanks Ester for the free patterns. I have finished 8 baubles. My Maiden will go faceless LOL. Fun to make.

  6. Hello,

    I cant find the pdf for week 3. is there no pdf or could you say whre I can find it???

    Greeting Guilitta

  7. Very nice. Where is the link to download?
    Nancy in IN

  8. I love all of these appliqued blocks. Applique has always been a love of mine.


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