Friday 15 October 2010

Halfway there

Last night I made afghan motif number 45.
Halfway there now!
I can visualise this blanket now, so I am going to speed up and make 2 of an evening so I can get this afghan finished ASAP.

I am a bit frustrated because I am at the hardest part...which is the repetition...and I am eager to see some results. Seeing them bagged up is encouraging. Looking at the wool (and I always buy some over) I do wonder if there will be enough yarn. It could be halfway panic as I havent made an afghan in a while, and crocheting does use more than knitting, but I hope I have enough. I followed the book exactly and then added a few balls to round up the grams, so I should be fine. I guess the difference comes down to hand tension.

Luckily we have returned to a a coolish weather change and the rain and gloomy clouds have inspired me to get busy.

What are you knitting? / crocheting?


  1. Hi the moment I am knitting baby blankets to give to charity. Karen

  2. Right now I've been so into sewing I haven't really focused on my crochet. I've got a bunch of flowers I've been making from several different books. Don't know yet what I'll do with them. I printed off the instructions for a really neat Granny Shrug made by but instructions were made up by Lara of thornberry. Looks like fun, it will be next.

  3. Well done Esther .. you are way past my effort. I have been busy finishing of my Stitcheries so haven't been crocheting. The weather is right for a return to it though. Take a look at my French Collection embroidery if you like. happy stitching chrisb

  4. Esther, love the colors. My MIL crocheted me the same one in all white. I just treasure it. Yes, it is a great time to work on some of warmer things, not quite so hot on the legs. Keep at it and before you know it you will reach your goal.


  5. Karen: Baby blankets are a wonderful project. How thoughtful. There is nothing nicer than handmade items.

    SewLindaAnn: A shrug / shawl is definitely on my list. Keeping my eyes peeled for a deep forest green wool blend. Have difficulty navigating through that website you listed, I am obvioulsy too old and out of it! Not hip...

    Thanks Chris: I am at your blog all the time, I love your embroidery

    BobbieAshley: About the afghan, have had serious thoughts about making it up in a single colour (such as cream or linen or dusty dull pink)also... or completely changing the look and making it eggshell blue and cream.
    It's a versatile pattern, I just wonder if I have the patience to make another 90... it certainly lends itself well to variation.

  6. Hi Ester, your afghans are looking great ...growing by the day! keep going, you will do it! I am doing african flowers hexys and am now up to 116 at last count and was mamagaing to do about 3 most nights but work has held me back this week so not much done. I looked at felted house slippers to knit on the raverlt site as they look quite quick and cosy to make. We have plenty of cool weather here in n.z. so you actually feel like knitting. sue

  7. I'm still working on my ripple blanket. The return to cooler weather (solid rain and blowing a gale!) is a bit of a blessing cause I WANT it on my lap now.

  8. I had the same heart stopping moment when I thought I was going to run out of wool and the shop doesnt stock it anymore. But I found one buried in a drawer and it's a good job I found it cos I did run out! A piccy of the finished cardi is on my blog.


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