Wednesday 6 October 2010

Hobson's Bay Quilt Fest 2010

That's where I was on the weekend.
The weather was beautiful and I had a great time looking at all the quilts. It was an honor to judge a section of the Fest as well. The ideas were just wonderful.

It was a nice change for me as I have spent the last week indoors mostly, designing a few new things and trying (I havent lost hope yet) to work my EQ7 software.
As so much of my work is based on my own sketches, transporting that into a design is proving tricky. In some ways it's much quicker to draw up a design by hand...but of course, I do want to strive for improvement and printed designs look better.

I always feel as though I have something better to do than go through the EQ7 lessons but I am going to set aside a whole day and force myself through it. My computer reluctance is getting out of hand. I am hoping that all this frustration will pay off in the end with a faster design turnaround (that's the idea).

It's starting to get warmer so I am in a 'hurry on' mood with my crochet blankets. I am at that stage where I could put them down until next season.... but I don't want to slide into another UFO (and by next winter I will have new ideas) so won't want any finishing up work to start up with. I am getting a few lines in whenever I find the chance... Like always, things speed up for me towards the end of the year, design wise - and I don't know how this keeps happening as each year I decide to stop in November for a break.

I never do though, and I won't be this year either. Back to work..


  1. The hardest part is setting aside the time...

  2. Wish I could have got to the show on the weekend, I expect it was a good one. I know what you mean about EQ7 Esther, I'm thinking that I'd rather be sewing than playing with the software. I've only used it once since I got it...!

  3. Esther, who won the Media Challenge, can't find the results on their website?

  4. Hi Ester. I noticed you'd become a follower on my blog so I thought I'd drop in to say "Hi". Love your work, really enjoyed your Cherry Thieves piece. I agree that there is just something about red and white quilts. (blue and white too)

    I have the EQ7 upgrade now and had to force myself to learn EQ6, I only got 1/2way through the lessons when EQ7 was announced so I stopped and waited for 7...but haven't learned it yet. Computer time is like being in a time warp-sorta like the time warp in my sewing room but without the tactile results.
    **the 'timewarp' being: how did my coffee go cold I just sat down? what it's 4 hours later- impossible!**
    Or worse my husband walks in the door from work-EEgads, I haven't even thought about dinner.


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