Thursday 30 September 2010

About the diamond template

For those of you who are wondering about my cut strip sizes:

Yes, they are wider than the pattern. The simple reason for this is so that when paper piecing, I would like have more room to position. I would rather cut off the difference than not have enough.

Yes, there is a 3/8 seam allowance. I prefer to cut down to 1/4 inch allowance later on. I prefer to trim down rather than be left short.

You don't have to make all 12 blocks with the same fabric. I recommend that to keep a 'style' you should keep the 1st fabric in the diamond block the same - it just looks more uniform.

Feel free to choose your own technique. I work comfortably with paper piecing but if anyone has a preferred technique, please do use it.

The diamonds are worked up in green as they will be representing a tree.

Printing your diamond block: a little difference in printing % wont make a difference if all 12 blocks are the same. From the PDF file, the pattern is set to print at the correct size. Please ensure your printer is set to print at full A4 size.

It is a mystery, but as so many of your have asked I can say that the finished size of this wall hanging is approx. 42 x 56 inches, depending on a few inches here or there owing to border variations.

You will need ADOBE ACROBAT PDF READER version 7 or later to open any of my PDF files.
It can be downloaded for FREE from the side bar of my blog. Simply go to
Sorry MAC users, I have no recommendations.


  1. Where is the pdf??
    "You will need ADOBE ACROBAT PDF READER version 7 or later to open any of my PDF files."


  2. Eileen, if you click on the "12 days of Christmas" button on the left side of Esther's blog, it will take you to the pdf.

    Esther - this looks like fun! I love paper piecing AND diamonds!

  3. Do we get the next blocks this week or next? Mary in Maine

  4. Thanks so much I have made my 12 block for my First Mystery Quilt. I am looking forward to this journey. I added your button to my blog

  5. I'm looking forward to next wednesday for part 2! Very curious what it would be like in the end!

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  6. MAC users can do the same. Adobe has reader for the MAC.


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