Tuesday 28 September 2010

Button to share...if you can

Feel free to take this pic and post it on your blog or website, simply 'save as' the above pic and link the image to this address: http://www.estheraliu.com/current-free-bom.php the more the merrier!

I can't supply you with a code - that is too advanced for me.

Coincidentally, if any tech savvy quilters out there know of easy to use software which allows you to generate / create 'buttons' please let me know as I am always struggling in this area. Any advice much appreciated.

You may have noticed the button is looking shinier and better all of a sudden. Well, it's thanks to Brenda from Serendipity.

Brenda has been wonderfully generous and re-worked my button in a matter of minutes and sent it back to me via email. Wow! Of course, I'm not suprised... as Brenda always answers my cries for tech help.
Thank you so much!


  1. Esther I would love to participate in your Christmas BOM.
    Will post your beautiful button.
    Like you I am not very computer savvy. Isn't it lovely to have folk like Brenda

  2. Hi! I too struggle with all of this new technology. But I have found a great site that has helped me do things with my blog that is easy to understand.
    If you go to my blog and scroll way down on the right side...you will see a gadget that says "Design Help for your own Blog". It will take you to the site.
    Good luck. Let me know if it helps.

  3. Thanks so much Esther. I finally figured out how to get the button in my sidebar.
    Looking forward to starting.


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