Monday 28 July 2008

Vic. Showcase 2008

Peony Pride:

Runner up to Best of Show

Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting - Professional

1st, Mixed Technique - Professional

No... the Bernina's not for me....but it is leaning towards me...yes, I want it as bad as it wants me...

Next to Peony Pride is the Best of Show Winner, congratulations Anthea! Both of us are proud members of the Patchworkers and Quilters Guild of Vic.

I've been Runner up to Best of Show three years in a row now, I'm beginning to think stenciling might be ahead of it's time. Oh well, I quilt for myself, not awards.
The back of Peony, which I'm proud to say, hangs straight as a pin and is super neat
Quilting detail
I cant help it, here's some more quilting detail

I can proudly announce - that I have conquered quilting circles - I didnt mark a single line and my white than white pristine fabric is happy for it! But there's more good news: I didn't only win 3 rossettes, I also won:

Highly Commended in Australian Machine Quilting Exhibition for MANOR HOUSE (how about that?) I gave Manor House another chance and this time round, it hung obediently and shone in it's place (perfectly placed spotlight), its all the luck of the draw, although sometimes you have to wait a few shows to see your quilting hanging just right...its always worth it in the end...


  1. Congratulations. You have excelled yourself. The quilting is magnificent.
    I am recovering from surgery (what's new) and so got a friend to take some photos of your quilts...she has not worked out how to send them on line yet so have to wait till she is recovered and is able to visit.

  2. Congratulations!!!!
    It's a super quilt.
    BTW is the BOS a Birds 'n Roses quilt?

  3. Congratulations and it is gorgeous... You got this done in lightening speed..... Love it.. Ronda K Beyer

  4. absolutely beautiful.

  5. Your machine quilting is exquisite. Very envious!! Good work.

  6. Congratulations! Your quilts and quilting are exquisite, and I'm very jealous of your skills! Your posts always inspire me to practise some more!

  7. Congratulations, on your amazing array of ribbons. Your quilt is truly beautiful and deserves the accolades. I am in total awe at the speed it was done. I didn't get to Melbourne, but hopefully can see it in real life one day.
    Best regards
    PS. Well done also for Manor House, it finally showed its true worth.

  8. I followed a link from Vicki's blog to find your stunning quilt. Good luck for next year I'm sure the Bernina is destined to find a home with you soon :)

  9. This is outstanding! What a beautiful quilt. Congratulations!


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