Monday 7 July 2008

Stencilling away

The peeling off stage is always exciting, it's when the blob of paint above becomes the crisp and vibrant image you've planned on !
When I started this quilt, I decided to stay firmly on the 'correct' colour usage track.....before changing my mind and then changing it back again.

Now that I've stencilled the blocks, I've taken a liking to this triadic colour blend. I put the blocks up on my wall and the colours just seem to 'fit' really it just me? or have I discovered the power of the triadic colour merge?

Right now, I'm having a love relationship with this quilt, we're at the honeymoon phase where it looks so new and fresh, its exciting to work on it every day....but I know full well that I may end up changing my mind again...I usually have a love / hate relationship with my quilts and it's usually over what colours or prints I've selected, I'm hoping that as I get more adept at following the rules, these relationship problems will just disappear....

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