Monday 21 July 2008

The joy of late night Quilting !

A lot can happen in a day...for me, I hope that means finishing my quilting, binding my quilt and driving myself to the Victorian Quilter's Showcase on time!

I still have to take some quilts off my walls, and pack all 24 into my car to hang for display. As I've been quilting Peonie Pride, I've been thinking about my first quilt, and my second quilt and all the fun I've had quilting, trying new techniques and meeting so many great people.

I can't wait for Showcase to start..... well, maybe a few extra days would be nice.....


  1. That quilt is stunning! Amazing work! You should be very proud! When I grow up, I wanna quilt like you :)

  2. Dear Esther,

    And have we not discussed the merits of quilting at night!!! Well done yet again - look forward to seeing you at the Show sometime on Saturday....


  3. Hi Esther.. I was knocked out by your quilts at Melbourne's Quilt and Craft show on Thursday..Absolutely Love your stencil work..I love paint too!! As I was tidying up before bed tonight or should I say this morning, I picked up an edition of APQ magazine from the coffee table and saw your Quilter's Profile.. Of course, I then had to check out your blog.. Inspirational stuff.. I will visit again tomorrow, and often I'm sure!! P.S: I do my best work late at night, glass of red close by and must have the music on... heh heh Lx


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