Tuesday 29 July 2008

Ah Serendipity......

You have hundreds of quilts at home...you spend hours finishing your quilt to exhibit...then you spend a day setting up...and then your daughter visits you at Showcase (and what does she do??) She admires someone elses quilt! and then takes a photo of her favourite block to let you know what kind of quilt she'd like next! Yes! Really!

Luckily enough though, I know the creator of this beautiful quilt and I know she wont mind me publishing this pic...

Dear Grace, just so you know, this is the much admired block!

In particular, the two stars and vine detail make it that extra bit special (as well as your use of pink!)

Yes, this quilt is a winner too:

Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting - Amateur

Congratualtions Grace!

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