Friday 18 July 2008

A sneak preview

Too busy to blog, so here's a sneak preview of how my quilting is coming along....I'm focusing on one area at a time, and quilting freehand...since I didnt want to mark anything, I cannot leave my machine until all 4 sides or corners are done.

Still a long, long, long, long way to go.....

When I'm quilting, I pick up a rhythm....and if I stop for any reason (like a well earned coffee!) when I come back, I loes consistency...and I can always see where I left off and started up again. It also means I forget what I was planning to quilt! I like to stick it out and let my mind race ahead whilst I quilt!
I hope to be finished next week....well I'l have to be as it is being judged on Wednesday....Yes, a mere 3 days away ( I need a day off on weekends).
ONE DAY I will NOT leave my quilting to the last minute...its a scary thought to imagine what will happen if I dont make it in time....


  1. Sorry!!!?!!! 3 days. Are you insane! Is it smaller than it looks?

  2. Gorgeous...... I love everything about this quilt.. Ronda


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