Tuesday 1 July 2008

Peonie Pride...a sneak preview

After Sydney Showcase, and the learning curve of Manor House, I set myself the challenge of making a quilt according to 'correct' colour blending (rather than colours based on a whim which is pretty much what I was relying on...) I studied the charts and discovered two very interesting things:

A quilt I made in 2005, Not Quite Shabby Chic, is perfectly colour matched (quite randomly, but still I'm impressed)


That Red, Blue and Green is a perfect triadic colour composition. So that's the challenge I set myself for my next quilt. I was pleased to discover that actually, we quilter's have a pretty good eye for colour, so mostly, my quilts are complimentarily hued....however, there have been a few misses....and dissapointments, so it was high time to brush up on the basics.

I have had a good play with the swatch chart and next on my list is advancing to the book.....

What better time to start my new regime than with Peonie Pride, my newest stencil quilt? I had already started sketching the stencil designs a while back and I have a few ideas about colour, but this time....for once...I decided I would follow the 'rules'.

I have had a few moments of near rebellion, but I have stayed the course and this quilt will definitely be triadic.

Here goes.......

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