Wednesday 3 April 2019

WOW: Working on HOYH

  WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays  
Oh wow, look away now. I am driving myself crazy with selecting the right fabrics for my full colour HOYH quilt. I have been shopping up a storm, going backwards and forwards and ending up in a different place every time. And the worst thing is that I love every possibility and can't decide between them. I really thought I would struggle with my 'limited' pallette quilt, but actually it's this full colour version that's causing all the drama in my studio.
 There's no way you've been able to keep up with my flipping and changing. So here's my update: in the last week I've been torn between using this golden polka dot linen, the Fassett poka dot above and the Tula Pink polka dot in aqua below. All I know is, I have an issue with polka dots. The issue being, I can't get enough of them. 
I have these combinations up on my design wall where I can see them with 'fresh' eyes during the day. At some point I will commit. 
I just don't know when..

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  1. So many beautiful choices! Not a bad problem to have, but I am a bit OCD about picking "just the right fabric" so I understand where you are coming from! I spent almost an hour yesterday trying to find the right buttons for hanging towels for my daughter-in-law...ridiculous! Don't think I can reform now...too set in my ways! As always, your work is stunning!

  2. Hahaha. Well, I share your polka dot affliction, so at least you're not suffering alone! I like the aqua dot fabric best.

  3. I love the brown/golden tone one. I finally, after a long delay in another stay, have returned home to the fabric I ordered that has patiently waited for my return.
    I'm really struggling trying to remember how to applique. It's been many years since i last did this. I made the mistake on the center of stitching down one pc. at a time to the backing and it has puckered a bit. Then I noticed that some people who were at the pansy stage, were somehow putting all their pcs. together - before - stitching them to the background fabric. I kind of vaguely remember something about that, but can't recall exactly how the process works, so here is what I've been doing: I put florini on the back of ea. pc. then turn and glue the edges under, and now I'm trying to glue those pcs. in the proper positions to ea. other before stitching them to the background. Is this the correct application? I'm not real happy with my results or color choices at this point, so may have to go back and start over.

  4. I envy your beautiful stash...eye candy all of them. I do have a thing for polka dots too.


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