Monday 29 April 2019

Hearts Desire by Marjorie Rich

Marjorie Rich of Boise Idaho, USA 
Marjorie has created a stunning quilt using applique elements from my pattern Hearts Desire. She has called this beauty Heart's Infatuation, here's what she had to say about it: Heart's Desire was a mystery BOM. I loved many parts of it, but got tired of doing some of the multiple repeats. I call my remix Heart's Infatuation. Needle turn applique and hand quilting. Finished March 2013. 

Marjorie, I love seeing my applique motifs worked into such a beautiful centre! I love what you've done here and your use of colour is just superb. This quilt is glowing and the surrounding green blocks creates such a vibrant lively feel. I love every inch of this beauty. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us all. 

Be sure to visit and follow Marjorie's blog: and be inspired by her creative work. I love following and catching up with applique bloggers and am delighted that Marjorie's added her interpretive piece to the Open Gallery to inspire so many people. 

If you'd like to read more about Hearts Desire, you can check out the Hearts Desire post archive right here on this blog by clicking the image below. 

'Hearts Desire' 
Read more about this quilt by clicking here now

--------------------------- Open Quilt Gallery--------------------------- 
Thanks to Marjorie Rich  for sharing her finished quilt with us all to take inspiration from. If you'd like to see more finished quilts made from any of my patterns, visit my Open Gallery. It's a place for all quilters who make any of my quilts to show off their creations in a central online gallery. It's new and I hope you'll join us by adding your own quilt there. Submitting your quilt pics is easily done via an upload screen directly on my website. Click here now if you'd like to submit your own quilt.


  1. Superb. But then it had your work for inspiration.

  2. Every bit of it was in Esther's original elements, except for the brick border (to use all the extra green I bought) and the sashiko inspired diamonds that I hand quilted in fucshia.


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