Saturday 20 April 2019

A Very Last Minute Easter Project

This morning I woke up inspired to make something just in time for Easter. This is what happens when all your quilts are finished, your WIP queue is empty, your house is spotlessly clean and your Easter Lunch is completely organized. Am I kidding? Of course I'm kidding! Have you ever experienced such a fortunate feeling? Pfft! Me neither!
But it is, however, true that I decided right now was the perfect time to make a new table runner. If you're a reader of my blog, you already know how I wrangled this boardroom 3 metre long table into the house and how everyone pretends it's a dining table. Yes, we do have long, lovely family get togethers around this wonderful space, but it's proper purpose is all mine. It's my favourite place to draw, paint, sew and create.
So, because of it's unusually big size, I have to make all my tablecloths as none are available in this size. This isn't a problem as I have so much fabric. But today I woke up thinking about this beauty.
It's a blue tree of life print on linen. The linen is a lovely upholstery weight and perfect for a table runner.
I joined two pieces together to get the length, matching up the design as best as possible. Next, I tacky glued the edges, turning them and creating neat mitre corners in preparation for some ribbon.
I'm using Grosgrain ribbon in a matching blue
which I will sew down into position on the top side, I like the distinction of framing it in this way.
And so now I'm going to gather up my fabric and sew down the centre join and the ribbon all around, then I'll iron it flat and see how it looks when the table is set. I'm after an elegant and simple look and I think this fabric really fits the bill.

I'll keep you posted on my progress..


  1. Pretty blue fabric will look beautiful on your pretty table … oh we should all feel a little
    envy as we are squished on a smaller spot to play...

  2. Very pretty. And thanks for the hemming technique


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