Tuesday 23 April 2019

Queen's Garden by Lennea Wolfe

Queen's Garden by Lennea Wolfe 
of Olympia, Washington State, USA

'Oh wow' is what I said when I set eyes on these pics..
Lennea has done it again. You might remember her Juliette beauty in stunning black and white with lime accents (click here now to see it for yourself) and now we're lucky enough to see Lennea's Queen's Garden sitting beautifully on her bed. The florals are superb and are the focal point to this beauty. But there's more..
It's not easy to photograph quilts this big, but these pictures show just how wonderful the results are. Lennea has cleverly added her own border to make this quilt work on her bed and it's a knockout.The added blocks really enhance the centre and make the quilt so workable for this space. I love how the the floral block gathers at the edge of the bed to show off the stunning applique (see first pic) it's stunning.
And this colour scheme, need I say more? I am loving these purple, blue and lilac hues, they seem to shimmer against the cream background and work perfectly with the pops of green.
Lennea, thank you so much for adding your beauty to the Open Gallery. When the images arrived, I was over the moon with how impressive the quilt looked on your bed. The colourscheme, as I've said above, is perfect and I love the changes you made to make the pattern suit your space so perfectly. It's a treat for me to be able to enjoy the creative efforts of others and I'm grateful that you took the time and effort to send these pics through.

'Queen's Garden' 
Read more about this quilt by clicking here now

--------------------------- Open Quilt Gallery--------------------------- 
Thanks to Lennea Wolfe  for sharing her finished quilt with us all to take inspiration from. If you'd like to see more finished quilts made from any of my patterns, visit my Open Gallery. It's a place for all quilters who make any of my quilts to show off their creations in a central online gallery. It's new and I hope you'll join us by adding your own quilt there. Submitting your quilt pics is easily done via an upload screen directly on my website. Click here now if you'd like to submit your own quilt.

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